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You know Nuno Espirito Santo: the smart coach reviving Wolves as a European force, that bearded presence on the TV in your living room, often giving a gruff, reluctant soundbite to an exasperated interviewer. Honing an image isn't really his thing. He is one of those in football who would tick the 'no publicity' box if it were available. So how is it that we are an hour and 10 minutes into a conversation, feeling like we should probably leave him to his work, and he looks a little disappointed? 'Aren't there any more questions you would like to ask me?' he says plaintively. 'Maybe about the game?' Honing an image isn't really the thing that Nuno Espirito Santo concerns himself with Well, seeing as you ask… A detailed discussion follows as to what it means when someone says Wolves are a counter-attacking team. 'You say Wolves is a team of counter-attack,' he enthuses. 'OK, no problem! But how do we counter attack?

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